Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ronnie Barker- A Great British Legend

Ronnie Barker- A Great British Legend. He is known for some of our very best British comedy ever written. The wonderful thing about Ronnie Barker was his undying modesty. He wrote some fantastic comical lines, but if he felt they would be better delivered by another actor, he would pass them over. It was all for the best out come for the viewer. He is best known for his writing and roles in Open all Hours, The Two Ronnie's and Porridge. Something that many people don't know however is that Ronnie's cell mate in Porridge- Lenny Godber was played by Richard Beckinsale whose two daughters are also actors. Samantha who was in Londons Burning and Shelley. And Kate who is slightly better known as she is now a Hollywood actress who has starred in many blockbusters such as Pearl Harbour, the underworld series of films and Van Helsing.
Now to get back on track! I highly recommend that you all watch something with Ronnie Barker in, especially Porridge, as it is hilarious !

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