Saturday, 17 December 2011

Best Buy open in Bristol on Saturday 30th April 2011

Best Buy opened its doors in Cribbs Causeway Retail Park in Bristol on Saturday 30th April 2011 and  less than a year later is closing, what a crock. 100s of jobs lost. Some are friends of mine and I have been buying best buy gift card's so I could give a best buy gift card to all my family for xmas as we are all tec heads. As far as I am aware, all the best buy stores are closing. There was me thinking getting best buy gift cards was a clever idea.........wont bother next time !! I wonder if McDonalds do a gift card?? Lmao

Saving money to buy a new car

Last week I wrote a blog about getting a new car but not having any money so I was going to test drive as many cars as I could. Well I have changed my mind because I have had 1000s upon 1000s of calls. My mobile and home number have been ringing like mad and I am sick and tired of making excuses so I am abandoning that idea !
It was good in theory but not in practice lol !!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saving money to buy a new car

I have been saving for a new car for 4 years and I am no where near close enough and as the worlds markets are so bad banks don't want to lend to any one, and I will be 50 years old before I get one lol.  I am looking into some of the bigger car companies who have there own HP/Car Financing  I just dont want to be paying for it in 20 years time any how I went on a test drive in a Vauxhall Astra 1.6i 16v 2011 Wow what a new car to drive I had so much fun
and lots of free coffee lol I am going to do this once a week but try and test drive cars way out of my budget I will start small and by the end try to test drive a rolls or a bentley lol and blog about it

Monday, 5 December 2011

How to Write a CV

In the  curriculum vitae (c v ) heading you can write your general information:
1,/ Name 
2,/ Surname
3,/ address
4,/ E-mail 
5,/ your phone number and mobile / cell phone don't forget to put in your area code or if your looking over seas your country's dialling code.
CV Skills Summary
The Skills Summary section of your CV includes your main skills. You should only include keywords in his section, do not go into lengthy descriptions of your skills. The skill summary is also called personal profile.
CV Objective
The CV Objective, sometimes also referred to as CV Personal Profile states "What is the next step in my career?" This should be a short, concise statement that informs the employer what kind of position you are looking for. The type of position, the role (managerial, supervisor, contractor) should be included as well. If you are looking for work  it is a good idea to have several CV's with different profiles or objectives. For example, you can have a CV for a sales supervisor and the other for a shop floor manager. Your 'sales supervisor' CV can highlight achievements in this area, and the CV would be tuned to that particular in terms of job descriptions and achievements.
Education on your CV
List all of your qualifications in this section. Include all of your education including certifications from non-academic institutions, especially those that are related to the job vacancy. If you have more work experience than qualifications, put your work experience before your qualifications.


I would like to go back to school in 2012 to understand more about building websites I know a little but I would like to be clued up on all aspects I can build a site but it basic there is so many different coding  and I just don't get it. I don't know if to go to school or to do a online course I am going to spend the day look at online course to see if it right for me but if any one who reads this blog have done any online course and have any advice for me and all who will read this blog please comment

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Is xmas starting to early when I was younger xmas started about December the 18th now it's after firework night which is November 5th all the shops in the U.K start selling Christmas decorations and gifts .
I asked a 8 year old if he know why we celebrate Christmas  and he told me it was Father Christmas birthday W.T.F ??? What is going on !! Please let me know what you think and if you have any funny stories please post thank you.
                                                              HAPPY CHRISTMAS !

Friday, 2 December 2011

How Diamonds are Created

Natural diamonds, that have been cut into many facets are considered one of the most beautiful things on Earth. This nature-made beauty sculpted by man glistens and sparkles in the light. Diamonds bring joy to many people by their brilliance. However, few stop to think about their origins.
Diamonds are not created on the Earth's surface and very few are thrust there by the violent motions which the surface of the planet can sometimes be subject in the form of volcanoes. This is why companies must mine for diamonds. They are formed about 100 miles under the Earth's surface. Diamonds are primarily made up of carbon. Pure carbon can take on many forms including diamond, graphite, and fullerite. To become a natural diamond, carbon must spend millions of years under extreme heat (900° - 1300° C) and pressure (45 - 60 kilobars) deep inside the earth . This changes the way the atoms in the carbon bond together. The end result is a fully formed diamond.
If the temperature and pressure are not just right, then graphite will form. There is quite a difference between the beauty of diamonds and graphite,which is commonly used as the core of pencils!
Because diamonds are the hardest material found in nature, they can scratch nearly any surface. Imagine the vast number of materials in the world; a diamond must be extremely durable to rise above all others. Australia, Botswana, Russia, and the Congo account for a large portion of the world's diamond mining.