Sunday, 5 February 2012

Money DOES Buy Happiness

This is my opinion (coming from someone that doesn't have any!) You don't have any stress wondering where your next meal will be coming from or how you are going to pay that bill. You can also DO things with money. Think back to your happiest childhood memories and I bet they will be on holiday or of a day out in a theme park etc, all possible if you have the money! Dont get me wrong, one of my happiest memories is of doing something on a budget, but we still needed money to get there! My Mum used to take us on picnics on the beach because she couldn't afford for us to eat in the restaurant/diner, but she still had to have some money to get us there and buy the food! So the next time someone tells you money cant buy you happiness.....tell them they are lying as I always have a smile on my face when I have a pocket full of cash !!

The Reader

I watched this film called the Reader and it was absolutely amazing! Not only do you get to see Kate Winslet naked, you also get to see some great acting aswell ! I say this hoping that people don't misunderstand this post, I do not condone what happened during WWII but the fantastic acting by Kate Winslet actually makes you feel sorry for a prison guard at Auschwitz! ( which I never thought could be possible) I wont say any more as I dont want to ruin the film, but it is a must see.

Credit Crunch Valentine

OMFG this 7p card the quickest way to a divorce or have ASDA come up with an amazing credit crunch marketing tool? You decide !!

Prince William in the Falklands

It is a very tense time at the moment for the Falkland Islands so to announce that the future King of Great Britain and the Commonwealth is coming over to train for six weeks, I do understand the frustration of the Argentinians. But the situation has nothing to do with current tensions. Prince William was always going to serve and train over there and as for the new type 45 destroyer Dauntless going over, I think this is simply so the Prince has a little luxury to train in and nothing more, On the other hand I do see how this must look to the people of Argentina, but hope that most will see that it was just a diplomatic blooper and not an act of aggression. I hope that GB and Argentina can learn to have a great relationship as we both have alot to offer each other.

Best Paid Graffiti Artist

The social networking site Facebook has announced plans to float the company on the stoke market, valuing it at up to £63billion. Now to the likes of you and me, this will not make any difference to our day to day lives. There are however going to be some very rich people floating around as they agreed to do work for the company in the early days and get paid in shares, Primarily I am talking about graffiti artist  David Choe who painted the California office and was paid in shares that are now thought to be worth £126million !!!! This must be the highest paid job for a graffiti artist..........not bad for a one off job !!!!!

Rugby Union Calcutta Cup 2012

Wow, what a fantastic match. It is the first time England have beaten Scotland at Murryfield since 2004, and that was no mean feat seeing as this is the most inexperienced England squad put out since the 1960's. Well done to the new intrim coach Stuart Lancaster. Lets hope there is more of this to come as the new team bonds. As for Scotland's David Denton........ absolutely well deserved man of the match!! So unusual for the title to go to a player on the losing team, but just goes to show how well he fought for his country !!!

How lucky are we to have the NHS

I do appreciate that people do get different levels of service around the UK when using our National Health Service, but if they were in any other country, dependent on wages and social standing. They would have no where near the same level of care that the NHS provides. People need to understand just how lucky we are here. I know that the states do have slightly better health care, but you have to organise your own insurance, and then you are not covered for everything. At least here, you don't have to even think about health insurance. My heart does go out to any one that has suffered as a result of the NHS, but I do believe that this is not entirely the norm,  but this could happen under private health care aswell.

snow in the uk

We get a bit of snow and the whole country comes to a stand still WHY do some countries have snow all year round and manage perfectly well,. In the UK we are well equipped for most emergency situations......except snow !!!! It really is quite embarrassing.